I love food. I love creating food, I love eating food, looking at food, smelling food, talking about food. I’m almost always ready to eat more food.

So really it should come as no surprise that I’m also passionate about the quality of my food. A normal Western diet these days too often consists of engineered and highly processed food. Not very many people eat in tune with the seasons, eat locally, or even know where their food is grown and produced.

I’m slowly coming to understand how huge and international the food industry really is: how much of my food I don’t understand. I am in the process of educating myself by reading books, watching documentaries, talking to people…and I’m even contributing to a local food blog in my area. The knowledge I’m gaining by doing all of this helps me to make educated decisions when it comes to buying food.

This section of my blog is dedicated to this journey of discovery, and is additionally where I will add recipes of the culinary concoctions I create!

I hope you find something to interest you (and your tastebuds!).


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