First Post!

My very first blog post! I have such great hopes for this blog, but getting started is pretty daunting…so I’m easing myself in with this short and sweet introduction.

Over the past few years my interest and belief in living frugally, healthily and happily in a back-to-basics kind of way has really developed. It started a little slowly but has snowballed into something that is causing me to change many things about how I live my life and how I want to live it in the future. I believe in supporting local (hopefully organic) businesses, upcycling and recycling wherever I can, making as much as I can myself, and basically trying to be as self-sustainable as possible; all with the hope that in a small way this little earthling can help make this world a better place. I guess one way of describing it could be upholding my own environmental ethics; something that evolves constantly.

I want this blog to document how I attempt to do this in my life, where I find inspiration, and hopefully inspire some people myself.

Welcome to Little Eco Earthling!