Whipped Cacao-Peppermint Body Butter


Having recently gotten back on the addictive Pinterest bandwagon, I’ve come across all sorts of things that I feel I just HAVE to make.

One such thing is the rediscovery of a whipped body lotion I first read about a year ago. It’s explained in brilliant detail on Holistic Squid, and it just looked so luscious and inviting that this morning I said ‘that’s it – I’m making it right now!’

It’s so simple to make and it feels so gorgeous when it’s soaked into the skin (it even softened my bf’s scratchy-workout-elbows). Plus it leaves you smelling like after-dinner mints…what could be better?!

I only made a relatively small batch as it was an experiment…and I only had 1/3 cup cacao butter left 🙂  I’ll explain it in ratios, which is easier to adapt for yourself.

1 part cacao butter
1/2 part coconut oil
1/2 part almond oil
(or jojoba, olive, or whatever else you feel like)
Essential oil of choice. I used Peppermint and added about 8-10 drops for 1/3 cup cacao butter.

  1. Put cacao butter and coconut oil together in a Pyrex jug or bowl. I used a bowl as you’re going to whip it later. Melt in a double boiler until all liquid.
  2. Take off the heat and add the almond and essential oils, stir well.
  3. Let cool slightly before putting in the fridge for about an hour, or until the oil is no longer runny, but not solid. It should be opaque.
  4. Whip with electric beaters until it resembles whipped cream. I was surprised how quickly this happened – in about a minute.
  5. Put in a clean container and then smother liberally all over! I think I might keep it in the bathroom to use after a shower…yummmm!

P1080752P1080754P1080756P1080759P1080768 P1080770

This butter will stay relatively solid when it’s kept cool, but as soon as you scoop it up with your fingers it will turn back to liquid. If your entire jar separates or re-liquefies then simply repeat steps 3 – 5. I can see that in summer I’ll have to keep this in the fridge!

You could also try adding a little wax to the mixture in step 1 to help it retain it’s form, but I’ve not tried this myself yet – perhaps the next batch.

Has anyone else ever tried making whipped body butters? If you haven’t, then is it something you think you’d like to try making?


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